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Dive into Success

Unveiling Our Comprehensive Swim School Curriculum

Are you ready to make a splash and embark on a journey of aquatic mastery? At Black Flag Swim School, we take pride in offering a swim school curriculum that caters to everyone, from the youngest water enthusiasts to aspiring competitive swimmers and safety-conscious individuals.

Female Swimmers

Stage 1: Water Introduction (Infants/Young Beginners)

Our program begins with Water Introduction, where the tiniest tots learn to feel at home in the water. From blowing bubbles to floating with support, we foster a sense of comfort and confidence that lays the foundation for a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment.


Requirements for Advancement:

  • Comfortable immersion without distress.

  • 5-second breath-holding.

  • Assisted floating and kicking for 5 feet.


Stage 2: Beginner Level (Children/Adults)

As students progress to the Beginner Level, they delve into basic swimming skills and water confidence. Unassisted floats, introductory strokes, and confident jumps into the water mark this stage, preparing swimmers for more advanced techniques.


Requirements for Advancement:

  • 10-second unassisted front and back floats.

  • 10-meter swim using basic strokes.

  • Confident jumps and returns to the pool edge.


Stage 3: Intermediate Level

Building on the basics, the Intermediate Level refines techniques and builds endurance. Students perfect strokes, explore deeper waters, and enhance their treading skills, setting the stage for more advanced swimming endeavors.


Requirements for Advancement:

  • 25-meter freestyle and backstroke with coordinated arms and legs.

  • 1-minute treading water.

  • Executing a standing dive.


Stage 4: Advanced Level (Pre-competitive)

The Advanced Level gears students for competitive swimming by honing their skills in various strokes, perfecting turns, dives, and building endurance. It's the perfect bridge to our competitive swimming program.


Requirements for Advancement:

  • 50-meter continuous swim with various strokes.

  • Proficient flip turns in freestyle and backstroke.

  • Dive from starting blocks with streamlined entry.


Stage 5: Competitive Swimming

For those with a competitive edge, our Competitive Swimming program elevates skills to the next level. From advanced race techniques to strategic pacing, swimmers gain the expertise needed to thrive in competitive environments.


Requirements for Advancement:

  • Demonstration of advanced race techniques.

  • 100-meter swim with regulated start, turn, and finish.

  • Application of pacing strategies for longer distances.


Stage 6: Water Rescue and Safety

At [Your Swim School Name], safety is paramount. In our Water Rescue and Safety section, students acquire lifesaving skills, from basic rescue techniques to CPR and first aid, ensuring they're well-equipped for any aquatic scenario.


Requirements for Advancement:

  • Proficient in basic rescue techniques.

  • 3-minute treading water while assisting a simulated victim.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of CPR and first aid.


Enroll today at Black Flag Swim School and let our comprehensive swim school curriculum be your guide to aquatic excellence. Whether you're dipping your toes for the first time or aiming for the podium, our expert instructors are here to help you make waves and achieve your swimming goals. Jump in and make a splash with us!

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