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Splash of Water

Youth Swim

Kids involved in formal swim lessons have an 88% less chance of drowning. They’re also more likely to establish a healthy relationship with exercise and fitness. Swimming is a low-impact sport, which means kids have a much lower chance of injuring joints or bones than when playing other sports.

Safety is a parent’s top priority, but kids who learn to swim at a young age enjoy many other benefits, including superior mental and physical health.


Of course, Swim Lessons will teach those tangible skills: safety techniques and stroke progression BUT they also encourage realistic and attainable goal setting habits, foster a mindset centered around achieving said goals -especially when hard work is required-, and nurture a newfound confidence in your constantly growing child.

Youth Swim Requirements & Reccomendations

Age: 2 years - 15 years

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Duration: 30 Minute, 60 Minute Lessons

Frequency: Once or Twice/week

Required Items: Appropriate Swim Attire; swim trunks or bathing suit, towel

Optional Items: Rash guard, swim cap, goggles


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