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Splash of Water

Baby Swim

Baby Swim Lessons are a great way to get your baby into the water and teach them safety skills! Although the idea of putting your infants and toddlers into water might feel a little scary, there’s a wide range of benefits to teaching them to swim.

Children, as young as six months, can begin to learn the life-saving swimming skills that matter most -in an environment where they feel the most comfortable. It’s never too early to begin taking survival swim lessons. 

All of our instructors are prepared to give your little ones the self-rescue techniques they need to stay safe in the water.  Introducing your loved ones to survival swim lessons at an early age will help them react effectively in a water emergency. Let us match your family with the best instructor for your baby.

Baby Swim Requirements & Recommendations

Age: 6 months- 2 years

Skill Level: Beginner

Duration: 30 Minute Lesson

Frequency: Once or Twice/week

Required Items: Cloth Swim Diaper (no paper swim diapers)

Avoid acidic foods (such as fruit), milk, and greasy/fried foods at least 1-2 hours prior to the lesson start time.

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