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Splash of Water

Adult Swim

Adult learning to float on their back

Swimming is an investment in yourself and your safety. Learning to swim later in life can be a fun and rewarding experience! Adults may take swimming lessons for a variety of reasons:
Conquer Childhood Fears
For Exercise
Train for an Event
To Learn a New Skill or Perfect Your Strokes
Assist In Managing Arthritis
To Enjoy Water Adventures on Vacation (Snorkeling)
Strength Training
Stroke Training
Confidence Building
Job Requirements
Military/Law Enforcement Requirements
Rehabilitating an Injury

Whatever your reason may be, our experienced Instructors are here to help you become confident and capable in the water. 

Adult learning to float on their back

Adult Swim Requirements & Recommendations

Age: 15 years - infinity

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Duration: 60 Minute Lessons

Frequency: Once or Twice/week

Required Items: Appropriate Swim Attire; swim trunks or bathing suit, towel

Optional Items: Rash guard, swim cap, goggles

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